SHEinspires is a nonprofit organization that creates and implements leadership and mentoring programs that provide young girls with life tools within a super-supportive tribe. Our mission is to help girls love themselves, evolve into healthy, happy and whole young women, realize their potential and impact the world. 

Our Mentor Programs train and empower high school girls to be leaders where they mentor younger generations to mindfully evolve, navigate life’s challenges and make healthy life choices by hosting monthly gathering circles and creating a safe, nurturing and a happy collective.

Each month, our tribes meet in their local community to move their bodies with yoga, meditate, and have real conversations that promote self-love, connection, creativity and transformation.



SHEinspires is a safe and fun space where teen girls can show up exactly as they are to foster supportive connection and real conversation. Only good vibes are welcome in this tribe where you are encouraged to be creative, rock your radiance, and celebrate being unapologetically you. We are soul seekers and authentic leaders who promote positivity, whole-hearted self-love, and inspiring the world. 


SHEinspires is a supportive community where we have real conversation, connect with each other to help build each other’s self-worth and promote love and kindness. 


good vibe tribe

This is a safe place –  no mocking, gossiping or talking sh*t in front of or behind any other girl’s back. We are sisters, not frenemies, so we treat one another how we want to be treated. Plus, we have a zero-tolerance policy for the worst kinds of negative behavior, like violence, bullying or straight-up meanness. 

Be You

Be unapologetically You! You are worthy of being loved, being heard and being happy. So is the girl next to you. You are not alone in how you feel. 


When you show up authentically, you inspire others to do the same. It's time to quiet your inner critic and connect to your True Self. 

Be Bold

Believe in yourself...because you are enough. You are here to make a difference and the world needs your gifts and talents.


Promise to love yourself, be compassionate and stand up for what you believe in. Be your badass-self and inspire the world.


support us


Volunteer as an adult mentor and role model.

Help us develop our mentoring curriculum or build our online mentoring and Q&A platform.

We appreciate your support through sponsorships or donations. Please contact us at Audrey@YourBlissfulSoul.com.

SHEinspires is a non-profit organization incorporated in Washington State and a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Drop us a line if you want to be a leader and mentor...or if you want to establish SHEinspires in your school or community group. We would love to partner with you to make it happen!
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